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Value your car and build a deal

Posted on 9th Jun 2020
Value your car and build a deal

Did you know you can now value your current vehicle and build a deal on a new one from the comfort of your own home? The Wilson and Co website allows a user, in just two minutes, to see how much their payments would be. This is without entering any personal details!

  • You have the power online and it only takes two minutes!

    Visitors to can now choose from hundreds of used vehicles in stock, value their current vehicle

    No details required and it can be done in two minutes. 

    The power really is in the users hands - with the ability to amend the deposit, the finance term to personalise an offer to suit their requirements.

    All in all this is a powerful way to start to have a look at changing your vehicle.

    Of course, shoud the user want to go ahead - simply enter contact details and the Wilson and Co Sales team will be in touch! If the user decides they have found their perfect deal - the system has the ability to take payments.

    1. Choose a car

    2. Click Build a Deal

    3. Enter the details of your current car if you have one

    4. Personalise your deal

    Watch the video to see how eay it is or click below to start your serch of hundreds of used cars now in stock!

    Search used cars


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