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The benefits of buying a pre-registered car

Posted on 17th May 2017
The benefits of buying a pre-registered car
Often known as ‘delivery mileage’, pre-registered cars are in effect brand new vehicles that only have one previous owner: us! By registering them ourselves we essentially take a bit of hassle out of the purchasing experience, which in turn enables the whole process to run that bit smoother.
  • If you are wondering how exactly else this benefits you then please see our three point breakdown below:

    1) Price

    At Wilson and Co we have a saying that goes along the lines of ‘the only difference between our pre-reg and new cars is the price’. As the vehicles are not technically classified as ‘new’, huge discounts are available and you could net a real bargain. Customers of ours regularly save thousands when you compare the cost to the MRRP.

    2) Condition

    Used cars do not usually come in showroom condition unless they are pre-registered. With impeccable bodywork and extremely low mileage, you are given complete peace of mind. This brings us onto our next point…

    3) Warranty

    Thanks to Vauxhall’s confidence in their products the company offers a comprehensive three-year warranty on all new cars. Whilst this begins from the day it was first registered, you will still be able to take advantage of the cover for well over two years (on the proviso that the vehicle has not been pre-registered for more than 12 months). Roadside assistance is supplied for one year too.

    To view a selection of our current pre-reg offers please click here.

    Alternatively, to register your interest in one of our cars or vans or to ask us anything about the above, feel free to call your nearest Wilson and Co dealership on the following numbers:

    Bolton – 01204 389999

    Chorley – 01257 262255

    Grimsby – 01472 290290

    Scunthorpe – 01724 843284

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