Stay Safe on the Roads

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Stay Safe on the Roads

For only £25 the Wilson and Co technicians will inspect your car, top up the vital fluids to ensure both you and your car are ready for whatever the weather brings and also provide you with 12 months Roadside Assistance.

The Great British winter is perfect for chunky knits and cosying up on the couch. But when you’re out and about, don’t get caught in the cold.

 We can help you prepare for winter’s darker days and more hazardous weather with our comprehensive 25-point check, 12 months Roadside Assistance & vital fluid top-ups*.

25-point check
Our expert Vauxhall technicians will make sure your car’s winter-ready with 25 thorough checks. 

Our checks cover:

Lights, glass, wipers and mirrors to ensure you can see and be seen
Essential parts of the engine including the battery
Operation of key features such as clutch, engine and seat belts
The point of contact between you and the road: the tyres.

You’ll receive a report on the condition of each of the 25 items. And even if they’re all in great shape, our technicians will be on hand to provide no-obligation advice.

 We’ll also top up your coolant, brake fluid, oil and screenwash** using the exact products recommended for your Vauxhall.

 You’ll receive 12 months Roadside Assistance, to make sure you’re covered for whatever the winter brings.

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