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New laws pave way for remote control parking

Posted on 15th Jun 2018
New laws pave way for remote control parking
New laws just introduced mean that drivers will be able to use remote control parking and other high-tech assistance systems on British roads.
  • The changes to the Highway Code and relevant regulations were consulted on earlier this year and received overwhelming support.


    It means for example that more motorists, particularly those with mobility challenges, will be able to fit their cars into tight parking spaces.  The remote-control function may be used in a variety of ways, from a key fob issued by the manufacturer to an app on a device such as a smartphone.


    The changes will update Road Vehicles (Construction & Use) Regulation 110.  Currently, the regulation stipulates that drivers may not hold a mobile device while in their vehicle.  However, the update will allow drivers to use a remote control parking device, provided they are within six metres of their vehicle.  These updates will then be reflected in the Highway Code.


    “Advanced driver assistance systems are already starting to revolutionise driving,” Transport Minister Jesse Norman said.  “It’s encouraging to see the strong support for these innovations.  We will continue to review our driving laws, to ensure drivers can enjoy the potential of these new tools safely.”


    The changes are part of a package to ensure UK road laws are fit to support automated driving technology as they develop and provide clarity on new use cases.


    The Government also recently tasked the Law Commission with a detailed review of driving laws, along with planned updates to the code of practice to ensure that as technology develops the UK remains one of the best places in the world to develop, test and drive self-driving vehicles.


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3 years ago

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