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Great Grimsby 10k

Posted on 28th Jul 2017
Great Grimsby 10k
Good luck to our runners in the Great Grimsby 10k. Jessica is taking part – here’s what she has to say about training!


    Wilson and Co Grimsby are supporting the GREAT GRIMSBY 10k this weekend – with the lead car and follow up vehicles and also a display of Vauxhall’s and a competition at the finish line at People’s Park.

    With only a few days left to go, Jessica Billingham, Assistant Accountant at Grimsby has written an update of how she is feeling and about her training!

    I am sure all of the co wish Jessica and the rest of the team (Byron Hardy, Vicky Judge, Will Munro, Dan Bankhead, Steve White, Stuart Allen and Gary Gray) lots of luck and hopefully you will enjoy the day! All supporters welcome! Here’s what Jessica had to say….

    Long distance running is really not my thing and right now I question why I volunteered for this! Nevertheless, it’s for a good cause! Two good causes, charity and representing the Co. I am determined to complete this 10k course with a reasonable time. Running experience? Very slim! Fitness level? Moderate!  The Great Grimsby Dong Energy 10k race will be my first 10k run, and although I have previously completed a 10k obstacle course, I don’t think my abilities to climb over high walls and crawl through mud are going to be much help with this! This is definitely a challenge for me!

    In honesty, the training plan I’d thought I’d stick to has not quite gone to plan. Instead I’ve taken to running as and when I’ve felt up to it. The theory being if I’m wanting to run, I’m more likely I am to run further and enjoy it! as opposed to dragging myself out when I don’t want to and hating every second of it! The more positive-minded runs I have, the better I’m feeling about it. I would be lost without my Spotify playlist to keep me motivated. Changing the routes I run makes it far more interesting and less repetitive too!

    To mix it up and remove the focus from purely running, my fitness is being maintained with weekly netball matches/tournaments and the odd Insanity fitness DVD!

     Up until a couple of weeks ago, my runs have been 2-3miles at a time. I’ve been keeping it steady just to build up my endurance, which saw me begin to reduce my recorded times too! All promising and positive signs, which gave me a boost. I then decided to jet off to Portugal for a week’s holiday, and as much as I considered taking my trainers, it just did not happen!

    Since returning, the motivation had reduced but as the sponsors began to come in, I feel like this has given me the right amount of pressure to give me that kick to drill down on training and focus. It is, after all, for charity and the thought of letting down not only the charity, but the people who had the faith in me to sponsor, is not something I’m willing to do. On a personal level also, this would be a great achievement for somebody who is not a fan of long distance running.

     As the race has approached it’s been time to cut the slack and focus on doing more of these longer routes! I am taking into account that the adrenaline on the day will give me that extra push too, as well as my built-in nature to do well in anything I take on! There are several people, as well as colleagues, who I know are running in the race, so seeing familiar faces along the route will make the running atmosphere even better (as well as bring out my streak of competitiveness!)

    With this being my first 10k, I do not have a time to beat, I haven’t set myself a strict target. I simply want to complete the race, physically and mentally strong, and I’ll be trying my best to keep up my pace and not drop to walking! The other aim is to enjoy it and have a good day!

    This will be enough of an achievement for me, and who knows, I may catch the running bug and enter into more of these events (miracles can happen!)

     I’m wishing all the luck to everyone else running on 30th July, especially those from the Wilson & Co Team!!! We can do this!

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4 years ago

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