Electric vehicle servicing costs revealed

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Electric vehicle servicing costs revealed

Environmentally-conscious motorists look set for an ‘eco dividend’ thanks to lower service and maintenance costs for electric vehicles compared to their petrol equivalents.

A new study from automotive data experts at CAP HPI found that, on average, service and maintenance costs were 23% lower for electric vehicles than petrol vehicles over three years and 60,000 miles.  The gap was even wider for smaller cars.

“An electric car motor has far fewer moving parts than a petrol or diesel engine,” Chris Plumb, Senior Valuations Editor at CAP HPI, explained.  “They also benefit from gentler driving styles that lead to lower wear and tear of brakes and tyres.  While the purchase price is often higher at the moment (but is coming down all the time), drivers will find an EV much cheaper to run with significantly lower charging costs, compared to visiting the pump, and lower maintenance costs.”

The number of electric vehicles on Britain’s roads has leapt 128% since 2015, according to the company’s research.  The study compared April 2018 to April 2015 and found there are now 21,019 more electric vehicles in use.  Overall, however, the numbers are still small with only 37,483 electric vehicles actually on the road today.