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Diesels ‘best choice’ for long distance driving

Posted on 3rd Aug 2018
Transport Secretary Chris Grayling believes that diesel cars may still be the best choice for many motorists and families who drive long distances.
  • Despite a Government commitment to phasing out petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040, he said that new diesels were still a viable proposition.


    Quoted on the Daily Mail website, he said: “If you are doing long distances on the motorway, maybe the new generation of diesel engines are the right option for now.  My advice is to ask yourself what kind of motoring you are doing and find the right solution for it.  If you live in a large town, or if you are driving around in an urban area in a city, in today’s world I would be encouraging people to buy an electric vehicle or a plug in hybrid.’


    He also said it was “well worth” people trading in their “old polluting vehicle” for a new cleaner car if they could afford to.


    According to its ‘Road To Zero’ strategy, the Government wants at least 50% of new cars to be be ultra-low emission vehicles by 2030.


Article by
Wilson and Co
3 years ago

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